It was like a sudden
gust of wind, or an almost
empty sky, filled with one
cloud that for some reason
cannot stop itself from crying.
This is how it felt when
you left, a sudden storm
that gave no warning before
destroying an entire city.
And just like the civilians,
I had no idea what to do
next but to sit and wait for it
to stop. But unlike rain clouds
and spiteful tides, the feeling
of your destruction never did
pass. It was always above me,
always following me like I was
the only one who needed
this disaster to appreciate
what I still had. But it never
felt like a lesson, and I still
have yet to learn from my mistakes,
still have yet to prepare myself
in case it happens again.
But I am still waiting for
the remnants of what you left
me with to fix itself, to show me
that there might still be some hope
of your demise. So I will wait
for this feeling of uncertainty
and anxiety to stop. But knowing
you, and knowing of your capability
to manipulate anything that tries
to stop you, I will be waiting
for the rest of my life.
"What came after you," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)
The first time someone breaks your heart, you will feel like it’s the end. Your hands may bruise from holding on to something that just wants to be let go, so do your skin a favor and release. One day, you will look back on the first time you felt empty and you won’t be able to understand how you were ever able to fall so low, so fast.

The second time someone tries to break your heart, you will be more prepared. It’s going to hurt, but you’ll remember that you survived, and that thought alone will help with some of the pain of trusting someone with your heart again.

The third time, when someone tries to break your heart, they won’t even be able to reach for it. You’ve been ready for this. Your heart has been blocked off by caution tape, and it has never again tied around it twice, so not even you can get to it.

And when you fall in love, for real this time, your heart will have already broken out of its own safety net. Before your mind can tell your heart that it’s okay to be vulnerable again, your heart will have already softened itself. Your heart knows all the tricks now. It will know the sincerity in someone’s voice and this time, it will not be fooled by the word love. So trust what your heart is telling you when it’s telling you that it’s going to be okay. Listen to the experience of its words and let it surrender. It needs your hands to set it free. Your heart has been damaged before, but hell, it will never let itself fall in the palms of someone who’s only intention is to be able to say that it was able to break the unbreakable.
"Your heart has learned all of the lessons," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)
I know women like you,
women who have been told
to keep their mouth shut
but their heart open.
Women who put their needs
in front of any man who claims
to be their everything. Women
who have told their story
so many times that they could
recite it in their sleep. Women
who blame their problems
on themselves instead of shifting
the blame on the worlds shoulders.
I know women like you, women
who belong to no one but
themselves. Women who don’t
smile when they are not happy,
and who won’t hesitate
to tell you that you are getting
on their last nerve. Women who
speak without being spoken to,
and who don’t give a fuck
if you’re a man to tell you that
if you move one more inch
past the line of inappropriateness,
they will bite your narrow minded
and insensitive head off.
I know women like you, women
who don’t have to think twice
when it comes to knowing
what they want and not caring
about who they have to destroy
in order to get it. I know
women like you, and it’s a privilege
to be able to know you at all.
"Women like you," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)